What an Answering Service for Lawyers Can do for You

Once you've done your part and successfully marketed your law firm online, it makes sense that somebody is on call to respond to the clients' inquiries that start to trickle in. Yet, you may not have all the technology or personnel to handle all the inbound calls that could bring your next big case. Competitive law firms resolve that issue by subscribing to a law firm answering service for lawyers. Below is what such a service can do for your law firm:

A Live Operator Answers Calls

Just because you're not available does not mean that you should let the computer or some "intelligent" software respond to potential customers. An attorney receptionist is a real human that engages your existing and potential clients, live. That increases the chances of the clients getting a satisfactory answer or directions and deciding to hire your law firm.

You Provide Specifications for Greeting Your Clients

A professional legal call center  or answering service tailors client engagements to your specifications. For example, you decide how your clients will be greeted when they call. The exact wording that's in line with your law firm's mission and policies will be used to engage your prospective clients.

Customization of Messaging Channels

Client messages will be delivered to you in the manner you find appropriate. Options include smartphone text messages and calls, voicemail, and email. You may also opt for PDA, pager, or fax communications. You can be reached via mobile devices too, enabling you to react to the very urgent messages wherever you may be!

Accurate Billing

There's a system in place to ensure that all calls made via the contact center system by or to your clients are recorded. That ensures you're billed for only the time used helping your clients over the phone. Since accurate call logs are kept, it's also possible for you to receive discounts based on how much time you've used.

Call Transfer/Rerouting is Possible

It's possible to have your line linked to several other devices at the office, on the go, or at home. Through the call transfer feature, urgent calls will still find you when you're unavailable over the office phone or other designated telephone. That increases the chances of potential deals being sealed.

There's a lot that an attorney receptionist can provide for a law firm. The service allows lawyers to focus on expanding their legal practice by promptly and effectively responding to new client inquiries.
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